6 dekabr 2023
1 year ago
On German TV, German energy minister Habeck says Gazprom has worked towards the current moment by "systematically holding back gas deliveries" to Europe and emptying its reserves in Germany at the start of the winter
The Pentagon: The additional forces include a combat armored battalion and will be deployed in Germany to reassure NATO allies
1 year ago
Sanctions to 'dramatically limit' Russian access to EU, US markets: Germany
1 year ago
German Chancellor: I call on the Russian President to cease fire and immediately withdraw his forces from Ukraine
1 year ago
Germany urges Russia to stop its military actions against Ukraine immediately
Psaki says US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG were part of the so-called "first tranche" of sanctions and did not come in response to new escalation overnight
1 year ago
German Minister of State for Foreign Affairs: What happened to Ukraine could happen to other UN member states tomorrow
The Pentagon: 20 Apache attack helicopters will move from Germany to the Baltic region
1 year ago
German Defense Minister: We are ready to send more troops and aircraft to Lithuania
1 year ago
Scholz says Nord Stream 2 won't be certified and he has instructed a new assessment of how Germany's energy supplies can be secured. "The situation has fundamentally changed"
1 year ago
Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Japan's Prime Minister spoke via phone with Germany's Chancellor Scholz - Kyodo
All signs suggest Russia plans 'full-fledged' attack on Ukraine: NATO chief
The volume of Russian disinformation seeking to frame Ukraine as a threat to justify military action by Russia has more than doubled in the past week, western officials have said UK Foreign Secretary @trussliz told MCS2022 there'd been a 2-fold rise in Russian disinformation
Ukraine could face the worst-case scenario of a Russian invasion as soon as next week, and Europe faced one of its most perilous security situations since the early 20th century, British foreign minister Liz Truss said on Saturday
G7 FM Declaration: "While we are ready to explore diplomatic solutions to address legitimate security concerns, Russia should be in no doubt that any further military aggression against Ukraine will have massive consequences."
Ukraine FM Kuleba: I invite the OSCE Troika @AnnLinde @RauZbigniew @Bujar_O to undertake an urgent fact-finding visit to Ukraine within the early warning mechanism activated by @OSCE Secretary General @HelgaSchmid_SG last week
Ukraine's President Zelenskiy asks for summit with permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Turkey and Germany
Ukraine's president acknowledges, likely for the first time, threat of a full-scale Russian invasion
Ukraine President @ZelenskyyUa: We gave up 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in 1994 in the Budapest Memorandum. Signed by US, UK, Russia, Ukraine. But we haven't gotten the security we were promised then. If Ukraine's security is not assured today, who will be next? It won't end with us
.@SecBlinken met with the G7 Foreign Ministers to discuss Russia's unprovoked military build-up in and around Ukraine
Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa calls consultation of Budapest memorandum parties and Ukraine must get security guarantees. If this is not delivered all decisions of 1994 will be void. @DmytroKuleba will be tasked to call this meeting
Ukrainian President Zelensky speaking now in Munich. He says Ukraine will defend itself with or without help, whether allies give helmets (Germany) or weapons (US, UK, etc)
Ukraine President denies Russian allegations about shelling in its territory
Lufthansa says it's suspending all flights to and from Ukraine's capital
1 year ago
The Federal Foreign Office of Germany is urging Germans to leave Ukraine now
US Department of State: .@SecBlinken and French Foreign Minister @JY_LeDrian met today in Munich to discuss continued efforts to confront Russia's aggression and our joint support for Ukraine
'Moment of truth' for Iran nuclear talks: Scholz
At a demonstration by around 40 so-called lateral thinkers in downtown Frankfurt, the police arrested a man who had shown the Hitler salute. However, it was not entirely clear whether he was part of the demonstration
1 year ago
France, Germany urge Russia to 'use influence' on Ukraine rebels for de-escalation: statement
"This is not a Ukraine crisis. This is a Russia crisis." — @ABaerbock at MSC2022