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15 December 2017
Police in Berlin have carried out nine raids in connection with an investigation into the city's Islamist scene. The suspects had contact with BerlinAttack terrorist Anis Amri, and some of them are thought to have joined the "Islamic State"
German police raid locations linked to Islamist militants
Germany Berlin - Police Press statement: 9 searches, digital materials seized, 4 suspects aged between 18 and 21. 2 suspected of traveling abroad to fight with IS , via Istanbul. 1 suspected of IS training. 1 suspected of help, due to bringing the 3 others to the airport.
Germany Berlin - Counter-terrorism raids this morning. Suspects might be linked to Anis Amri.
Belgium Ambassador spoke today at the @GMFUS: "NATO should look at threats emerging from outside of the Euro-Atlantic area and establish political contacts where necessary"
Giant Christmas tree is almost done during this Emirates @AirbusA380 acceptance flight from Hamburg
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed a multi-million dollar partnership with Ghana on his first trip to Africa since taking office. Germany hopes the accord might help curb migration to Europe
[email protected] is drawing a giant Christmas tree in the sky of Germany
After a vivid discussion, the German parliament decided to extend the mandate for Germany's @ResoluteSupport mission in Afghanistan until March 2018.
Germany extends training for Peshmerga for 2018
Israeli ambassador to Germany @JIssacharoff discusses the anti-Israel protests in Berlin: "I think that the burning of the flag is like burning one's own integrity and should be condemned in a very profound way," he says
German President Frank Walter Steinmeier has arrived in Ghana at the start of a four-day trip to West Africa. Steinmeier will also visit The Gambia later this week
A-10 Thunderbolt II on German highway
German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemns the burning of Israeli flags and use of anti-Semitic slogans at pro-Palestine demonstrations in Berlin."Not even [protests] over the status of Jerusalem, justify such actions," she said
Anger over @realDonaldTrump's decision on Jerusalem boiled over in Berlin at the weekend. Demonstrations sparked concerns about anti-semitism after protesters burnt at least three Israeli flags – German government's spokesman @RegSprecher Steffen Seibert
German intelligence unmasks alleged covert Chinese social media profil
Kurds in France, Germany demanded Ocelan's freedom, condemned Makhmour's attack
Germany is to begin surveillance of far-right doomsday 'prepper scene'
New round of exploratory talks on government formation to begin Wednesday, SPD says
Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) re-elect @MartinSchulz as party leader with 81.9 percent
Germany's Social Democrats vote in favour of meeting with Merkel's conservatives to discuss all possibilities, including grand coalition, minority government, as well as snap election. SPD top dogs plan to meet with CDU/CSU as soon as next week
27 deported Afghan refugees return home from Germany
German SPD leader urges members to back coalition talks
Social democrat SPD leader @MartinSchulz' vision for United States of EU let's one forget for a second that he still has to convince his own party to continue governing with Merkel
SPD youth wing chairmain @KuehniKev tells he's against grand coalition with Merkel's conservatives as it "didn't get the mandate" in September election. "SPD can't afford to make the compromises in GroKo. Not good for SPD, nor democracy." Open to minority gov talks
After his initial "no way" to joining Angela Merkel's conservatives in another grand coalition, SPD leader @MartinSchulz asks his fellow social democrats to give the green light for talks after all
German heavyweight politician Martin Schulz, also former head of European Parliament, calls for transformation of European Union into a United States of Europe by 2025 with a common constitution
SPD leader @MartinSchulz: "As chancellor candidate, I am responsible for this election result (20.5%). I can't turn back the clock. But as party leader I want to play my part in changing this. Therefore, today, I ask for your support."
[email protected] takes the stage at the SPD bpt17 to start to provide answers to a big question: the future direction of the party
Reaction to Jerusalem recognition from German Chancellor AngelaMerkel: The German govt. does not support this, because the status of Jerusalem should be negotiated as part of a 2 state solution