Map. History of Germany conflict

19 February 2018
Several arrested by German police in clashes with protesters who attempted to stop a march by the far-right Alternative for Germany political party
Protests against Security Council hit Munich
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How does Germany want to position itself in its security policy? Here's Ursula von der Leyen's answer at MSC2018
Ischinger at MSC2018: "It is not by accident that the German and the French defense ministers will give the opening addresses of this conference. There is a renewed determination in the German-French partnership, and also a new sense of urgency."
It was normal to take a peace dividend after the Cold War. But we must increase defence spending when tensions increase – @jensstoltenberg
NATO is changing the way we combat terrorism - shifting from large combat operations to training: @jensstoltenberg
SG @jensstoltenberg to German industry leaders @Der_BDI: if NATO doesn't continue to adapt we'll lose relevance. This is as you do - when markets change, you adapt
Industry is important for NATO and NATO is important for industry: peace and security are the foundation for economic growth and prosperity [email protected]
Russian diplomacy chief Lavrov arrives to Munich for #MSC2018
[email protected] reminding Britain it can not take for granted that there will be vital transition period after Brexit - nothing agreed until everything is agreed
"We didn't pay any political price" for the release of @Besser_Deniz, @juergenhardt tells @MKuefner and calls for the state of emergency in Turkey to be lifted
Addressing burden-sharing: NATO is doing what promised to do with 3 consecutive yrs of increased defence spending. Still have a long way to go – but Europeans are stepping up. - @jensstoltenberg
Glad to be here after a meeting of NATO DefMin, where we decided to modernise our Command Structure with a new command for the Atlantic, one for military mobility within Europe and a new cyber operations centre - @jensstoltenberg
German Foreign Ministry confirms Die Welt reporter Deniz Yücel has been freed in Turkey, the issue came up during talks between Merkel and Turkish PM Yıldırım yesterday
German journalist Deniz Yücel released from jail in Turkey, according to the German daily Die Welt
Ukraine President Poroshenko to visit Munich Security conference on 16-17 February
Polish PM meeting Merkel in Berlin today
The courts will decide about German-Turkish Die Welt reporter Deniz Yucel and I hope his trial will be conducted soon, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says
PM Yıldırım warns a reporter at the news conference not to make YPG propaganda after the reporter shows fake images of the Afrin operation
German Chancellor says "we hope the case will resolve quickly within the scope of the rule of law and hope there will be an indictment soon. Turkish PM says he hopes D. Yücel will appear in court soon, each hearing is a hope, don't want this case to damage relations
Turkish PM Yıldırım speaks en route to Germany to meet Merkel, says on Die Welt reporter Deniz Yücel "I believe he will appear in court soon, each hearing at court is a hope"
On "the 2%", US Defence Secretary Mattis, saying he's confident Germany will continue moving in "right direction" in funding. Says EU defense cooperation must and will make clear that common defense is a "NATO mission and a NATO mission alone."
KRSC Chancellor @masrour_barzani travels to Germany to participate in Munich Security Conference #MSC2018
The German Chamber of Commerce says that United States import tariffs on steel could trigger a trade war with major trading partners.
German SPD leader invokes Europe to sell coalition deal with Merkel
German SPD leader quits in bid to calm party after coalition deal
"How many Chevrolets do you see in the middle of Berlin?" asks @POTUS.
[email protected] Hutchison on new German coalition not committing to spending 2% of GDP on defense commends Berlin as strong ally. "Are we going to continue to push for more from Germany as well as our other allies? Yes we are. But are we going in the right direction? Yes, we are."
1 week ago
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she's still in control, despite coalition concessions to the Social Democrats
Airbus to pay 81 mn euro fine to end German corruption probe: prosecutors